1. Can I carry out the job as internship for my university/school?

 You can carry out internships in our summer centres. Please contact the Youth Travel Academy to check whether your requirements can be covered.


2. Where can I work?

We offer summer jobs in the following places in Germany:

  • Southern Eifel, Bavarian Forest, Bavarian Alps, Munich and Berlin and surrounding areas.
  • In some cases, in consultation with you we might recommend you to partner organization working in Austria or the UK.

Please note that we do not offer all positions in all locations. You’ll find all possible destinations within each job profile. Where you are going to work will be decided after the training sessions.


3. Can I choose where to work?

If you want to work for us, you need to be flexible regarding the place of work. It is easier for us to offer a job position to you if you are willing to work in various locations. Your availability and language level influences our decision.


4. Can I work together with my girl-/boy-/friend?

Generally, we do not place friends together in one destination irrespective of their intimate relations, we do not want to have a team within our teams. We would like you to concentrate on the job and be part of the big team.


5. How many weeks can I work?

It is always better if you are available for longer periods. Short terms such as one week will not give you enough time to fully integrate with the team. Minimum stays should be at least two weeks but we do prefer longer ones. Maximum stays are for the whole season and go up to 6 weeks for Programme Teamer (short term) and 3 months for Programme Teamers (long term)


6. Do I have to speak the target country language perfectly?

As our teams are international, we need to communicate in the target language. For example, most of our customers in the Girls Camp in Bitburg are from Germany so at least some communications need to be carried out German. A certain language level is therefore required. Our training sessions will be conducted in English so this should not be a problem at all. Bear in mind that you will be the language model for our students, which can contribute to their success. In most language Camps you will need to have a near native level of English.


7. Does the training prepare you for the job position?

Yes, it does. The training is very important to get to know us as the employer, your potential team colleagues and of course the job requirements. Depending on the position there are different training sessions, you’ll find all dates within the job profile.


8. Is the training compulsory?

Yes, it is. We will offer several training sessions in different cities corresponding to the job profile.


9. How do I travel to the work place?

That depends on the job and on your current address. Please be ready to make your own travel arrangements. However, we will support you with advice on the best connections etc. Normally we provide a travel allowance to and from the camp.


10. How can I apply?

Please apply via our homepage (www.youth-travel-academy.com). This is the fastest way to pass on your details to us so we can see if you are suitable for our job positions. You just need to fill in and submit the online accommodation form and attach all the required documents.


11. Is there going to be an interview?

Yes. However, there is no need to travel to Germany for that. We will arrange a date to talk via telephone or Skype.


12. I am younger/older than the age specified in the profile - can I apply?

Don’t hesitate to apply, we will check if you are suitable for the job position you are applying for, but you need to be at least 18 years old at the date of employment.


13. Can I work in several destinations?

In general, this is possible. But please note that it takes some time to adapt to a certain job and place. Flexibility is always great. If we have vacancies according to your availability, we will try to offer more than just one place of work.


14. Will there be a contact person?

The Programme Organizer will always be your person of contact if you are working in the Youtel Bitburg. In case he/she can’t solve your problem or if you have questions concerning your contract, please contact the YTA office. In all other destinations you will have a dedicated contact person provided by the employing organization.


15. How and by whom will I be paid?

Your contract is done by the relevant partner organization of the Youth Travel Academy so dates of pay and levels pay vary. Normally there will be a fixed date for your payment. You’ll find payment and employment conditions within the job profiles.


16. What about board and accommodation?

Full Board Meals and single/twin ensuite accommodation will be provided by us. This also applies for the training events. For the Girls Camp and English Camp, you can find more information about where you are going to stay on www.youtel.de


17. Do I need to have a police clearance and first aid certificate?

Our quality standards stipulate that our seasonal staff members provide a first aid certificate, which is not older than two years when starting the job. Furthermore, after signing the contract you will be required to provide a current police clearance certificate. We always need the original document for our files. Make sure you have both documents on time.


18. How old are the children I will supervise?

The age depends on the destination. In general, we have children between 07 and 17 years of age.


19. Do I get a travel allowance to and from the camp?

There is a small allowance for your travel costs to and from the camp, but you will have to make your arrangements early in order to secure a cheap transfer. If you are stemming from non EU countries, you will have to make your way to the EU on your own cost and use the allowance for the transfer from the EU to the camp.


20. Do I need to fulfill certain qualifications?

Please check our job profiles regarding our expectations and your qualifications. A very important one is being motivated for the job. We are looking for creative, open-minded people who like challenges. These are not lucrative jobs but you will gain a lot experience within an international team. We are looking forward to your application. We will reply to every enquiry. The more experienced you are the higher your chances of getting the job.